In Antigua and Barbuda

“We will be bringing to this honorable house, hopefully within a month or so, something called the Green Barbuda Act.”

So said Minister of Health and the Environment, Molwyn Joseph while speaking at a special sitting of Parliament following Hurricane Irma’s destruction in Barbuda.

The minister’s remarks come at a time when countries around the world are turning to green technology to secure the environment from negative impacts.

Relying on the availability of alternative sources of energy can help to reduce global warming as well as the greenhouse effect.

With this in mind, Minister Joseph said that Barbuda hopefully, will be the first island that is totally green.

He further explains how green is green.

“And when we say green, it’s more than just solar and wind energy. We want to eliminate all transportation that uses fossil fuel on Barbuda.”

He continued, “There will be electric vehicles, wind energy, solar energy and even the food equipment and utensils that are used on Barbuda must be biodegradable.”

The elimination of plastics out of Barbuda is also on the cards.

Minister Joseph said Barbuda is destined to be the first green island by legislation and when they succeed in these initiatives Antigua will be next, although some of these initiatives have started here in some areas already.

Research has shown that global climate change has already had visible effects on the environment.

Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner.

Effects that scientists had predicted in the past would result from global climate change are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves.

The intensity, frequency and duration of North Atlantic hurricanes, as well as the frequency of the strongest (Category 4 and 5) hurricanes, have all increased since the early 1980s.

Hurricane-associated storm intensity and rainfall rates are projected to increase as the climate continues to warm.

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